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​Tori’s work can be seen/heard in many television, film, and stage productions including: Oprah, Oprah After The Show, The Montel Williams Show, Girls Behaving Badly, MAD TV, Mind Of Mencia, The DL Hugley Show, The Sharon Osbourne Show, Alternate Routes, Extreme Gong, Boston Public, Purina's Animal Makeover, Smile... You're Under Arrest!, Beauty & The Beast (Asian Tour), Our Town, Fairy Tale Reunion, Wheels Turning, and A Little Melodrama at South Coast Repertory (Costa Mesa, CA), Natalie Gets Made, Cider House Rules, and Twilight: Los Angeles at The Mark Taper Forum (Los Angeles, CA), Unseen Energy Swallows Space by Travis Preston, See Me, and Hamlet at The Kitchen (Off Broadway), Street Scene for Opera Theatre of St. Louis, A Number for The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, on several video games for Sony 989 Studios and many commercial jingles.   Tori is a tenured Associate Professor at Webster University, and is the first woman to hold a terminal degree in sound design. 


Tori  Meyer